Easifit Woman the simple stop snoring option in pink

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  • The leading starter mouthpiece for women
  • Fast and effective with a 98% success rate
  • 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee
  • Simple to fit using the unique method and easily adjustable for comfort and personal fit
  • Much cheaper than any dentally fitted device
  • This oral appliance is BPA and Latex Free
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SleepPro Easifit Woman is a low cost, simple and effective stop snoring device designed as an easy introduction to using a mouth-piece to stop snoring. You will find it easy to fit and fully remouldable, using established ‘boil and bite’ technology that ensures maximum comfort and makes them easy to wear. Sometimes called stop snoring gumshields, these specialist anti-snore mouthpieces are specifically designed to help you combat snoring and sleep apnoea and you should never be used for sports purpose’s.

They work immediately and with a large breathing hole permits unrestricted breathing through the mouth as well as through the nose. Fitting Instructions are in the pack and can also be viewed on-line in step by step video format.

The Easifit range have a medically proven background in efficacy and cost effective first line treatment for snoring and sleep apnoea, the research protocol and finding can be viewed here

SleepPro Woman stop snoring mouthpiece in pinkStop snoring easifit video instruction

How does it work? Mandibular Advancement is a well accepted and proven method of maintaining an open airway. When you sleep your airway is relaxed and the soft tissues are very mobile, the movement of air when inhaling and exhaling causes the soft floppy tissues to vibrate, that vibration you hear as the familiar grating snoring sound. The sound that robs your partner of quality sleep and raises your risk of many more complex conditions such as stroke, diabetes, heart attack and many inhibits your ability to fight cancer.

snoring stops with sleeppro  open airway with stop snore mouthguard

By pushing the lower jaw forward this introduces a slight tension in the soft relaxed tissues which make them less likely to vibrate when turbulent air passes. Hey presto, no vibration, no noise, snoring is cancelled. This is great news for your long suffering partner, but even better news for you, because medical evidence now proves you are protecting yourself from the increased risk of stroke, heart attack, cancer, diabetes and many other associated conditions.

 SleepTight stop snoring mouthpiece

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