Cushionfit Hard/Soft Night Guard by SleepPro

£ 47.99

  • 3mm Dual layer Night Guard
  • Hard biting surface to resist wear
  • Soft inner skin friendly surface that grips the teeth
  • Protects teeth from night clenching/grinding
  • Free storage case
  • 7 Day turnaround
  • Simple self impression system, no dental visit required
  • Can be made for upper or lower teeth, choose when ordering


Cushionfit Night Guard by SleepProStop snoring easifit video instruction

This is a highly cost-efficient custom made night guard is made to fit a your own own dental profile. Worn at night it will prevent you from subconscious grinding and clenching the jaw as with bruxism.  Produced in our certified Dental laboratories located here in Britain, it conforms to all the required guidelines. Our emphasis is always on both quality and comfort and they will be of the highest standards.


Made from 3mm dual laminate thermoplastic, a hard layer to bite against and a skin friendly soft layer gripping the teeth, material is well proven for dental devices and CE compliant for such devices.

How to take your own impression for a night guard

Place your order online for your custom made night guard to help reduce the damage caused by bruxing.
In a few days you will receive a package with all the necessary materials.
Follow the instructions contained in the package.
Send your self impression in the provided  envelope directly to the dental laboratory
The dental technician will assess the impression and if all is well proceed with the fabrication of your custom night guard,  after 7-10 days you get your perfect fitting night guard

Impression kit consisting of:
• 1 thermoformable impression tray you adapt before starting.
• Dental Putty A & B
• Simple to follow Instruction Manual

The SleepPro Night Guard Impression Kit;

Night Guard Impression kit by SleepProStop snoring easifit video instruction


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